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Turner Talks… for you!

Small business owners, I see you.

You’re busy and your to do list is a mile long. Writing up blog posts, website content, newsletters…. all of this takes time that you don’t have. The problem with throwing something out there yourself, is the content of what you write, truly matters. Potential customers can be turned off so easily.

It’s not just spelling and grammar that matters either – it’s style, content and most importantly… whether it’s interesting! You want to catch someone and reel them in. Keep them on your site for as long as possible.

That’s where I come in.

As a former news reporter/writer for a major Vancouver newsroom, I had to write well and I had to write fast. What will take you a month to piece together, will take me an hour.

For pricing and other details, email me at

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Hi! My name is Alex Turner. I’m a journalist turned stay at home mom living the (chaotic) dream keeping three kiddos, a rescue dog, a husband and way too many plants alive. Join me as I share my honest, funny and frustrating journey through motherhood and life.

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