My Kids’ Christmas List

Yowza, the sugar high from Halloween was just wearing off when the Christmas gift idea requests started flying in from family members.

Luckily I started saving things into my Amazon cart and phone Notes a few months ago, so I would have lots of ideas.

I figure y’all might be in the same boat, looking for ideas. So here are mine, comment below with your ideas!!

Brio builder set

Wooden baby doll stroller

Nugget Couch

Backyard saucer swing

Magnetic person

Magnetic tiles

Gears building set


The Colour Monster (book)

Building tool set

Nesting dolls

Mini lantern

The Rabbit Listened (book)

Tea set



Lacing beads


Construction worker costume

Animal tea infuser strainer set

Hape dollhouse dolls

Fort building set

Test tubes

Written by Alex Turner