My 3 Year Old’s Birthday Wish List

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My three year old is a tough cookie to buy for. Unless you’re buying cookies. Then he’ll take all the cookies. Aside from sweets, he’s hard to shop for. He’s not a big fan of sitting down and playing with toys. So I thought I’d write up the presents wanted/received for his birthday, just in case you have an active little 3 year old you’re buying for.

So here are the 10 things on my Crazy Active 3 Year Old’s Birthday List:

  1. Bouncy Castle

    This is obviously a big ticket item but we got a few aunts and grandparents together to buy him this. The neighbourhood kids (between 1-10 years old) were over immediately after this was blown up. They all had so much fun! The only downside is I find the kids aren’t interested in it much when they don’t have friends over. But it’s awesome to blow up for play dates and parties (and maybe when they’re a little older they’ll enjoy it more with just the siblings). Bonus is, it’s on sale right now!

2. Y-Bike

We were at a drop in when we came across these bikes for the first time and my guy LOVED it. He’s not great at riding a strider but was awesome on this bike. It’s been such a hit!!!

3. Doctor Kit

My 3 year old unfortunately has asthma, which has made for a lot of doctor visits. On the bright side, we’ve had mostly positive experiences at the doctor, so he was super excited to get this and play pretend.

4. Bear Hat

My kiddo loves hats. This one is great because it’s adjustable and lasts for a long time. We have the raccoon version and got this bear one for his birthday.

5. Play Doh

This is the one thing my guy will sit down and play with for longer than 30 seconds. We got a few different kits for his birthday. The barbershop and noodle maker have been his favourites so far!

6. Wheelbarrow

My 3 year old loooooves helping around the house. He was absolutely thrilled to get this kid sized wheelbarrow.

7. Gardening Tools

These go great with the wheelbarrow. My kiddo has a slightly different version of these gardening tools but he loves them. I like that these look like the real thing.

8. Sensory Table

We love, love, love this table from IKEA. With the top on it’s a normal kids table that we use for crafts, playdoh, etc. With the top off, it can be used as a sensory bin.

9. Kinetic Sand

If you’ve never felt kinetic sand, it is so neat! It feels like permanently wet sand. It’s pretty easy to clean up and the kiddos all love it! I like to use it in our sensory bins.

10. Construction Worker Costume

This was on my kid’s birthday list but we didn’t get it. So I think I’ll buy it for him with birthday money. He will love it!! He’s at the age now where he loves playing pretend and “going to work.”

Hope these ideas help!! Anything your 3 year old loves that’s not on the list? Comment below!!

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