Packing Your Baby Hospital Bag

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I loved packing my baby hospital bag. Is that ridiculous? We were moving around my due date so I couldn’t set up the nursery… but I NEEDED to nest. So I packed and repacked and repacked our hospital bag. Ended up being a great thing because we had exactly what we needed. The only thing we could have used was smaller clothes… Little Man was just over 7 pounds… a perfect baby size… but none of his 0-3 month clothes fit. Ultimately, you really don’t need many clothes for you or baby because you’ll want to do as much skin to skin contact as possible, to promote breastfeeding and bonding.

Everyone’s hospital experience is so different but here’s what I packed in my baby hospital bag and a few addons I wish I had.

Pre birth bag:

  • Whatever you want to labour in – I was happy to be in a hospital gown… what I was wearing (or sometimes not wearing at all!) was the last thing on my mind.
  • A bathing suit, if desired – the tub felt amazing for me when I was in labour… I had no problem going in naked but you might feel more comfortable in a bathing suit.
  • Bathing suit for your partner – you might what your partner in the shower or tub with you… and the hospital staff certainly don’t want them naked.
  • Food – see extras below.
  • Phone charger.
  • iPod/phone with music and speakers – I was soooo grateful to have music while in labour. I made a few playlists beforehand. One I made with music that calms me down (Joni Mitchell, Jack Johnson, etc) and one with music that pumps me up (Spice Girls and other silly pop – it was so much fun!). At one point Spice Girls was pumping and we were known as the “party room” – that of course was after this magical thing called an epidural. Ha.
  • A water bottle – this comes in handy after the birth too… you want to drink as much water as you can!
  • Hair ties – I also brought one of those sock bun thingys (wearing it in the pic) because I knew I wouldn’t want to spend any time styling my hair… but knew I’d also like one pic where my hair wasn’t a giant mess.
  • Camera – Pack an extra battery and SD card too!

Baby’s Bag:

I used most of these clothes for the trip home and when people were visiting. Otherwise, baby and I were naked, doing skin to skin.

  • Two newborn sleepers – in case baby is smaller
  • Two 0-3 month sleepers – in case baby is bigger
  • A newborn onesie
  • A 0-3 month onesie
  • A newborn hat
  • Newborn socks
  • Muslin blanket
  • Warm blanket
  • Scratch mittens – I didn’t like using these. I’d get the nurses to help cut babes’ nails if they’re too long.

Post birth bag:

  • Comfy undies – Get high waisted ones just in case you end up having a c section. There’s nothing worse than a waistband sitting on your incision. The hospital will have the big, weird undies for you.. and those are great. But bring a pair of your own, just in case.
  • Loose PJ bottoms – Once again, get ones that are high waisted and would sit above the incision line.
  • Nightie – Make sure it’s nursing friendly.
  • Robe – For when you need to not be naked, haha.
  • Nursing bra – Get one that’s stretchy with no padding or wire… something that’ll stretch out if your boobs get way bigger than you expected!!
  • Going home clothes – Layers work the best. I found one of the weird things about the days following delivery, my temperature was all over the place. Make sure your bottoms sit high (just in case of c section) and are pretty baggy (just in case of a painful vaginal delivery).
  • Clothes for hubby – Include a button down shirt so he can easily do skin to skin if he wants (without having to take his shirt off).
  • Pillows – I HATE sleeping with a shitty pillow. We brought one for hubby and one for me. I was so grateful! Put pillowcases that you don’t care about on because you have no idea what’s going to end up on them.
  • Slippers or Flip Flops – Something easy to slide on.
  • Toiletries – Nothing feels better than a shower and brushing your teeth after hours of labour. NOTHING!! Remember your partner’s toiletries too!

Extras for my baby hospital bag:

  • Nursing pillow – You’ll be exhausted after the birth, it’s so much easier to have the pillow to help hold baby’s weight. Especially as you and babes are just learning how to do it!
  • Champagne – We popped this the evening Little Man was born when our family was all in the room. I only had a sip or two but it was fun passing the bottle around the room and stopping for a moment to take in the craziness that just happened. (Just don’t let the nurses see!!)
  • Food – I packed tons of food for the hospital and it was a godsend. A week or two before my due date I filled up a collapsable freezer bag with non perishables. I put in things like tuna snacks, candy, granola bars and trail mix. Then I made a bunch of burritos, muffins and other baked goods and put all of that in a plastic bag in the freezer. Hubby was under strict orders that when we were on the way to the hospital, the freezer bag was to be pulled out and added to the cooler to bring. Since I was induced, I wasn’t allowed to eat but it was so nice for hubby not to have to leave the room or wait in line at the cafeteria for food… trust me… you won’t want your partner to leave. I also offered up the baked goods and candy to all the hospital staff… it’s a good way to become the favourite patient!! The food was also great for after babes was born… I was starving and the hospital food wasn’t enough.


Anything I’m missing? Anything you wish you brought to the hospital but didn’t?

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog post on what to pack in your baby hospital bag! Check out my musing blog section for discussions on other amazing topics that are very important to me.

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