My First Attack While Breastfeeding

Since our little man was born over 10 weeks ago, I have never covered up when breastfeeding and had yet to endure a breastfeeding attack. My view has been, my baby needs to eat and if you have a problem with that, you can leave. So I’ve been mentally preparing for a confrontation, knowing that one will happen eventually. Well it finally did yesterday.

While breastfeeding in my car, with the door open because I wanted to feel the breeze on a warm day… a fly, yes fly, started physically attacking me (and bit my leg!). I’ve been preparing for a verbal breastfeeding attack, but instead it was a physical attack I encountered. I responded with very little grace. I ripped Little Man off my boob, milk squirted everywhere and I ran around like a maniac, boob flapping in said breeze.

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Written by Alex Turner