The Miracle of Life: The love-hate relationship with my body

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Following is a description of the love hate relationship with my body

Decide to get pregnant: the wonder! The amazing! I can’t wait!

Negative pregnancy test: WHY have you failed me?!

Positive pregnancy test: Tears of joy! Thank you!! Thaaaaank you!!!

Morning sick and exhaustion: Are you freaking kidding me?

2nd trimester glow: I’m amazing. There’s a lemon inside me!

3rd trimester grow: I’m huge. GAHHHHH.

End of pregnancy: I can’t believe my body has grown a human.


Post labour: Like, I seriously made a human.

Milk hasn’t come in yet: Why are you trying to starve my little human?!

Milk comes in: I made a person AND I make food. I’m a superhero.

Boobs engorged, nipples cracked: WHYYYYY.

Baby gains weight: I DID THIS *holds up baby, Lion King style*

Period comes back (with a vengeance): Screw you. SCREW EVERYONE.

Some semblance of normal: My baaaaby. I want another. This was such a magical experience.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my love-hate relationship body post! Check out my moming blog section for discussions on other amazing topics that are very important to me.

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