A Rough Week

So, my little boy just finished breastfeeding without problems and looked up at me with a big, milky grin. I’ve had a rough week, but it’s moments like this that remind me why it’s all worth it.

This last week my boy has been going through a growth spurt (I assume). He’s been fussy, seemingly starving and not sleeping great. My husband has been working long hours and family has been busy (tis the season) so I haven’t had much help.

I found myself unintentionally jealous of my formula feeding friends. They could easily see how much their baby was eating and increase when needed and… they have FREEDOM. They’re not tied to their baby because their baby isn’t tied to their boob breastfeeding.

Even though I’ve had an oversupply since my wee one was born, with this growth spurt, I felt like he wasn’t getting enough, wasn’t satisfied (not helping… how extremely distracted he’s been during feedings). I also got my period back which I’m sure didn’t help my supply… and my emotions too.

But then… BAM! Despite my internal struggles my body knew what to do and kicked into gear. Now my boobs are exploding with milk 24/7. They’re aching, they’re leaking… and I’m so grateful.

So today, as my little boy looks up at me post feed in satisfaction and I kiss his milky mouth… I’m so grateful for this intense but powerful and amazing stage. I’m thankful for my milk and the big strong boy it’s nourishing.

Now please excuse me while I pour myself another cup of coffee.

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Written by Alex Turner