Perfect Toddler Oatmeal

My kids are big oatmeal eaters. This is their favourite recipe! I call it “chocolate oatmeal” and they gobble it all up.

I make a big batch so it’s breakfast for today, leftovers for tomorrow and then I freeze the rest in muffin tins. Once they’re frozen I let them thaw ever so slightly then pop them out and into a ziploc bag and back into the freezer.

Then, when I need breakfast quickly, I grab however many I need, put them in a bowl, pour some milk on it and into the microwave until it’s defrosted and warm. Then I add in the mashed banana. Easy! And healthy!

If your little one is under a year, you can leave out the honey, the banana should make it sweet enough. And no worries if you don’t have steel cut oats, use whatever you have in the house.

If you’re on an iPhone, hold your finger on the recipe and save the picture!
Written by Alex Turner